Zomdoges are doges who have been infected by the gas of the bluix crystal. Their fur usually goes a green colour and they become a lot more aggressive.

Types of Zomdoge


These types of zomdoge (Also known simply as Infected) are normal infected doges. They look basically the same as a normal doge except for fur colour and torn flesh and their sluggish behaviour. They have been known to kill/attack eachother.


The Leaker (Also known as a Carrier) is a mutation discovered in the early days of the storm war, although it is possible one was encountered during the great hero's journey to kill ripclaw but this was probably a normal zomdoge. They are mostly covered in bluix outgrowth giving them a blue glow and being easily visible when light is shined on them, as their name suggest due to the outgrowths they are constantly leaking out bluix gas that could either kill or infect anyone who inhales it and when killed they release gas everywhere.


The Titans were mutations discovered at the late stages of the storm war. They are much larger than their 7ft counterparts measuring at 10ft tall, their clothes are usually heavily ripped due to their size increase and they are much stronger and more aggressive than their smaller counterparts.


A huge zomdoge the Colossus was a mutation discovered at the beginning of the evolution war. Standing at a staggering 17-19ft tall, these behemoths usually have little to no clothing left when mutated but are sometimes equipped with combat armour.


Vicious zomdoges the Ravagers were mutations developed artificially by Ryder Sattler Doge during her so called "Retribution" Invasion. Usually crouching or crawling these abominations were designed to be much more aggressive and sometimes possessed huge mutated claws and would pounce at their victims and viciously slash at them until they are dead. Their clothes are usually all torn up and shredded due to their claws scratching at themselves.