What the explosion would look like

A plan that was inside of Zoey Harley Sattler's Journal written before the final battle of the civil war when she got placed under cryo-containment. It is currently under the hands of Alexis Harley. It seems that after all the years of genetic experiments, bio-surgery, implants and torture Zoe has gone insane and wrote down a plan to wipe out all life.


The plan was to rebuild the super weapon Blacklist but upgrade it with plasma energy payloads in the rods built with enough force to penetrate the earths surface and then make the core unstable which would set the world on fire and cause it to explode and implode simultaneously and cause a "supernova" esque shock wave. She had a shuttle ready to evacuate, it could carry thirteen and cargo space. She planned to fly to the X System also known as the Nemesis System and land on the savage planet Nibiru and colonize it.


  • The plan was originally called Project Surge.
  • The plan was later used by Doge Commander Kira Ford as contingency plan alpha to wipe out the earth due to flora and fauna getting out of hand due to radiation.
  • The earth was predicted to of survived just be in pieces and cracked