Universe №838, also known as the Dinoverse, is a divergent universe of the 830 Series. The universe mainly follows other 830 Series universes but with slight event & character alterations, the major difference being the existence of a company called BioSynth (Biological Synthetics) who are running genetic experiments on Isla Paraíso, an island off the coast of Peru.

Differences from №839

  • Pup "Gamer" Yang never died in 5175 & subsequently, his clone was never made.
  • BioSynth, a genetics company now exists and has been running experiments on Isla Paraíso.
  • Isla Paraíso, an island off the coast of Peru has formed from volcanic activity during the 1700s.
  • A Rogue altercation took place in Peru during Colette Ferro's rescue, which subsequently resulted in the death of Max "Hevy" Taylor as help did not reach him in time and he was killed by the Rogues.
  • The subsequent events of Fire of Epsilon and the following events never happened.
  • Due to the events that happened on Isla Paraíso, BioSynth's genetic experiments made it to the mainland and caused havoc.



Installments set in this universe


  • This universe was originally one of the proposed universes to follow in the main story-line before №839 was chosen.
    • The reason it was not used, just like №837 & №834 is because it was deemed too ridiculous to be a part of the main story-line.
  • This universe was the origin of the Peru effect trope.