Universe №837, also known as the Mechverse, is a divergent universe of the 830 Series. The universe mainly follows other 830 Series universes but with slight event & character alterations, the major difference being the rapid progression of exosuit/mecha technology & the war that broke out during the events of Doge: Red.

Differences from №839

  • Pup "Gamer" Yang never died in 5175 & subsequently, his clone was never made.
  • Delta Squad all died in their sacrifice to stop the CDF Odysseus instead of bailing out of their Manta.
  • The subsequent events of Fire of Epsilon and the following events never happened.
  • The CDF succeeded in stealing and replicating the experimental D.O.G.E. XM3As.
  • Subsequently, Mecha & Exosuit development skyrocketed due to the arms race now in effect.
  • A war between the SDA & D.O.G.E. broke out on Earth during the Nibiru expedition.



Installments set in this universe



  • This universe was the original universe planned to follow the main story-line before №839 was chosen.
    • The reason it was not used, just like №838 №834 is because it was deemed too ridiculous to be a part of the main story-line.