The New Doge Order Ground Defense Force is a super army comprised of the DMC & DA and the strongest doge army made and the main attack force of the NDO and is under the control of Captain General, Cheyenne Blue & GotA, Fletcher Raspberry.


Officer Ranks

OF-11 General of the Armies

OF-10 Captain General

OF-10 General of the Army

OF-9 General

OF-8 Lieutenant General

OF-7 Major General

OF-6 Brigadier General

OF-5 Colonel

OF-4 Lieutenant Colonel

OF-3 Major

OF-2 Captain

OF-1 First Lieutenant

OF-1 Second Lieutenant

W-2 Cheif Warrant Officer

W-1 Warrant Officer

SO Officer Cadet

Enlisted Ranks

OR-9 Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

OR-9 Sergeant Major of the Army

OR-9 Command Sergeant Major

OR-9 Sergeant Major

OR-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant

OR-8 Master Sergeant

OR-8 First Sergeant

OR-7 Gunnery Sergeant

OR-7 Sergeant First Class

OR-6 Staff Sergeant

OR-5 Sergeant

OR-4 Corporal

OR-4 Specialist

OR-3 Lance Corporal

OR-2 Private First Class

OR-1 Private