The New Doge Order Air Defense Force is the Air Force of the NDO and is under control of MNDOAF, Amanda Reavis.


Officer Ranks

OF-10 Marshal of the NDO Air Force

OF-9 Air Chief Marshal

OF-8 Air Marshal

OF-7 Air Vice‑Marshal

OF-6 Air Commodore

OF-5 Group Captain

OF-4 Wing Commander

OF-3 Squadron Leader

OF-2 Flight Lieutenant

OF-1 Flying Officer

OF-1 Pilot Officer

OF(D) Acting Pilot Officer

SO Officer Cadet

Enlisted Ranks

OR-9 Master Sergeant of the Air Force

OR-9 Senior Master Sergeant

OR-9 Master Sergeant

OR-7 Flight Sergeant

OR-7 Chief Technician

OR-6 Staff Sergeant

OR-5 Sergeant

OR-4 Corporal

OR-3 Lance Corporal

OR-3 Junior Technician

OR-2 Senior Aircraftman

OR-2 Leading Aircraftman

OR-1 Aircraftman