Doge: Genocide is the sixth game of the series


Prologue:Catalyst (Sinking of a Russian sub outside of Atlantis)

Chapter 1:A New Front (Taking Saarbucken)

Chapter 2: (Rouge Genocide squad)

Chapter 3:Ice Breaker (Taking Frankfurt)

Chapter 4:Blazing Berlin (Taking Berlin)

Chapter 5:Impact (The Baltic War)

Chapter 6:Fifty One (A FDF team are sent in to investigate AAF operations in Nevada)

Chapter 7:Foxhole (Red Foxes Vs Epsilon)

Chapter 8:Snow Plow (Russia Raid)

Chapter 9:Forest Fire (Napalming of the Amazon)

Chapter 10: Pacific Thunder (OAC & Red Foxes fight in the pacific islands between against Epsilon forces)

Chapter 11:Wings Of Glory (Battle between DAF forces and AAF forces in aerospace museum)

Chapter 12:Bad Breakup (Assassination attempt of the Rogue Commander and invasion of NY)

Chapter 13:Blackdown (EMP nuclear detonation during the Siege of New York)

Chapter 14:Popping Flares (Phase 1 of Operation Hollywood)

Chapter 15:Danger Zone (Phase 2 of Operation Hollywood)

Chapter 16:Outback (OAC defend Australia from an Epsilon invasion)

Chapter 17:Flesh Melters (Hog Squad are sent in to take care of an Epsilon base on Snake Island)

Chapter 18:PERU (Hog Squad are sent to Peru after they are done on Snake Island and are greeted by Col. Kaniki)

Chapter 19:Zero Mission (ECHO, SWORD & WENDIGO are dispatched into a Russian base)

Chapter 20:China Town (Ocealia Army Corps invade Russia from the bottom as a distraction in Shanghai)

Chapter 21:Red Dusk (NDO/Rouges invade Russia through Oblast)

Chapter 22:Red Snow (The push to Moscow)

Chapter 23:Final Hour (NDO/Rogues take Moscow and defeat the RKZ)

Epilogue:Fall of Epsilon (Remaining Epsilon forces are defeated and bases destroyed)

Mission Briefs

Snow Plow

Operation Snow Plow

After taking over the Baltic rim, NDO forces assault a Russian base just out of St. Petersburg

Location:Kirovsky District, Leningrad Oblast, Russia

2nd Lt. Paul Triggs has been assigned to Victor Alpha November

1000 hrs April 14th, 5233

Forest Fire

Operation Greenback

Lagoon Platoon dispatched to intercept AAF forces

Location:Urucará, State of Amazonas, Brazil

1st Lt. Aayla "Cryo" Eochi sent in to direct the mission

1100 hrs April 14th, 5233