Doge Genesis is the first game and backstory to how Earth ended up like it is.


Prologue:This Is How It All Begins (The Italy massacre and nuking)

Chapter 1:God Kill The Queen (SAS Vs Russian forces and Blacklist fires)

Chapter 2:World War Three (USMC Vs Russian forces and fall of New York)

Chapter 3:Black Skies (Japanese raid Russia to prevent an attack)

Chapter 4:Europe Is Going Down (Europe is falling after 17 years and the

Nuclear Mutts start to appear)

Chapter 5:Predatory Instincts (Xenogoose Outbreak)

Chapter 6:Blazing Berlin (SAS/USMC group with German forces to try to

push Russian forces back)

Chapter 7:Bullet Storm (Pushed back by Russia the French forces try to 

assist in stopping Russia to no avail and a Russian and a Japanese team

with the SAS/USMC forces)

Chapter 8:Last Line (Pushed down to Spain the European forces pull their

last attempt to stop Russia but Blacklist and a few nukes are fired on 


Chapter 9:Black Ops (Bullet Squad go deep into Russia to disable the

kinetic orbital strike satellite Blacklist)

Chapter 10:Retaliation (The Allied Forces fall back to Washington DC to 

evac the president before Russia launches their nukes across the USA)

Chapter 11:Savage Lands (Warfare moves to the mutt infested Africa)

Chapter 12:Sinking Feeling (The remaining Allied forces track down a 

Russian command sub in the Antarctic and assault a fleet of Russian ships trying to sink

the sub)

Chapter 13:This Is The End (Moving to Japan after the rest of Asia was

nuked and the Allied Forces and Earths last chance to stop the Russians)

Chapter 14:Epicentre (Unable to stop Russia's forces the allied forces 

hold their ground until an evac can get them out)

Chapter 15:Setting The World Ablaze (Allied Air Forces deploy into Russia

to clear air space for ground team to land)

Chapter 16:Scorched Earth (Ground team lands in Russia and redirects 

their weapons to hit themselves)

Chapter 17:An Eye For An Eye (Captain Ryker Parish tracks down the leader

of the New Russian Federation to kill him in vengeance for Bullet Squad)

Epilogue:Aftermath (The events of the evolution of the Doges and Cates)